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KlapCap Black

KlapCap Black


Content: 1 Klapcap in black color, 10 empty reusable capsules, and a user’s guide.
Size: 20x13x9 cm
Weight: 265 gr.
The material used for Klapcap and its reusable capsules is plastic certified for food-use (PP5) 100% recyclable at its end of useful life (at least 30 uses per capsule).
Patented product.


10 / 100

Klapcap® helps you to refill your coffee capsules at home in 15 seconds. You can reuse your capsules as many times as you like with your favorite coffee, tea or infusions. Capsules compatible with Nespresso®.


1.Prepare the capsules as you like. It is clean and easy to use: Choose your preferred ground coffee and fill the capsule under pressure. Place it in the positioner, add kitchen aluminum foil and close the capsule with the button. In 15 seconds you will have your capsule ready and you will get a coffee with delicious foam.
2.Buy traditional ground coffee and SAVE more than 80% on the price of coffee. In bulk or packaged, you can have better quality coffee for less money. You pay only 0.05 Eur per capsule.
3.The 10 capsules included are REUSABLE. Remove the foil, empty it, wash it, and let it dry for reuse. You can reuse it more than 30 times. Avoid disposable capsules, reduce waste, and recycle easily by separating aluminum from plastic and coffee. Protect the planet.
4.Also enjoy 100% natural INFUSIONS. With the same speed and comfort that you prepare a coffee, you can have your infusion. Without additives, only with your preferred herbs and mixtures.
5. Contents of the box: 1 Packer + 10 reusable capsules + User Manual Spanish / English. To prepare the capsule you will only need household aluminum foil and your favorite ground coffee or infusion.
KLAPCAP is a domestic capsule packer that will allow you to prepare your own capsules compatible with the Nespresso system in less than 15 seconds. You will only need ground coffee and a little bit of household aluminum foil (the one you already have in your kitchen).

The 10 capsules that are included are REUSABLE: Once the capsule has been used, all you have to do is remove the aluminum foil, empty the coffee, wash it and let it dry to use it again. The approximate life of each capsule is 30 times.
It can be used as a substitute or as a supplement to the purchase of prepared coffee capsules.
In addition to coffee, with Klapcap you can also prepare your capsules with INFUSIONS, in a simple and very fast way, getting the most out of your Nespresso machine.
It is a product designed, produced, and patented in Spain
Does not require batteries or power.

I choose … do you choose?
Coffee, infusions, soft drinks … in which the QUALITY of the product is chosen by me. I prepare it and put it inside the capsule. I make sure what I and my family are going to drink.
I can choose how much I want to pay per capsule. I choose to SAVE because I can pay 0.05 Eur for coffee. Buying a 250 gr package of good ground coffee I can make 50 coffees.
I don’t want to throw away a capsule every time I have coffee, with Klapcap I can REUSE capsules more than 30 times each. Reusing is the best way to protect our planet.

Choose the coffee you like and the quality you want
Do not settle for the TASTE of the capsules already prepared. Choose the coffee you like best: Arabica, Kenya, robust, decaf, organically grown, fair trade?
You can decide the QUALITY of the coffee you want to drink-making sure that what you drink is what you have chosen.
Also, dare to prepare your own mixes!

Don’t throw away a capsule every time you drink coffee!
The 10 capsules included are REUSABLE.
Once used, you only have to remove the aluminum foil, empty the coffee grounds, wash it, and let it dry to use it again. You can use each capsule about 30 times.

10 capsules = 300 coffees

Not only does it matter how many capsules stop being thrown in the trash, but also the reduction of packaging and the polluting effects generated by mass production and transport.
Give Klapcap away! Not only will you surprise everyone with something original and fun, but you will also be contributing your grain of sand to protect our planet. To reuse your capsules

Surprise yourself with the Infusions!
Why not prepare an infusion with the same speed and comfort as a capsule coffee?
With Klapcap also repair your INFUSIONS with your coffee maker.
Choose your favorite herbs, buy or collect them from the forest, fill the capsule with Klapcap, and enjoy a 100% natural drink.

100% natural soft drinks
You can prepare fantastic soft drinks with citrus zest: lemon, orange, tangerine
You just have to grate the skin and fill the capsule. Mix the infusion with very cold water and enjoy your soft drink.
Also, dare with iced tea!

The box contains:
· 1 Packer
· 10 reusable capsules
· 1 Use Guide Spanish / English
You only need ground coffee for a traditional coffee machine (not for espresso) and household aluminum foil, the one you already have in your kitchen.


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