KlapCap White

KlapCap White


Content: 1 Klapcap in white color, 10 empty reusable capsules, and a user’s guide.
Size: 20x13x9 cm
Weight: 265 gr.
The material used for Klapcap and its reusable capsules is plastic certified for food-use (PP5) 100% recyclable at its end of useful life (at least 30 uses per capsule).
Patented product.


This simple device helps you to refill your capsules in almost no time. No extra pressure is needed and it wraps aluminum foil on top of the reusable capsule.

Just press the reusable capsule on the coffee receptacle designed to contain the coffee, and later in the receptacle use the straight area to eliminate the excess coffee, without pressing the coffee, place the filled capsule in the aluminum cutting area, close the KlapCap lid and gently press the button. With this you will have the perfect capsule, help the paper to wrap itself around the bottom of the capsule ring and it is ready to use.

Klapcap® helps you to refill your coffee capsules at home in 15 seconds. You can reuse your capsules as many times as you like with your favourite coffee, tea or infusions. Capsules compatible with Nespresso®.

Additional information

Weight 0,265 kg
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 9 cm